No time for Gym? What Do You Do Now?

What do you do if you’re a man or woman who has no time to go to the gym. But you still want to stay fit at the same time.

The primary reason I am writing this blog because I felt like there were too many fitness gurus who promoted the idea of fitness being the center of your life. Practically speaking, you can’t make fitness the center of your life. You’ve got a social life, you’ve got a professional life and fitness should just fit in somewhere.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like going to the gym. Today’s blog is for you. I’m going to cover different scenarios for people who don’t want to exercise at all, for people who want to exercise at home and even for people who want to go to the gym once or twice a week. I have got you covered today with the help of science. 

What’s good everybody now before talking about the exercise regimes and protocols that you guys need to follow. Let’s talk a little bit about the science of your own body. The golden rule of fitness is that the worst thing you can do to your body keeps it completely inactive. Even if you’re putting in a minimal 20-minute walk every single day it’s way better than keeping your body at home in front of your TV. 

Now the second thing you need to know is that if you want to maximize the results from your exercise regime, you need to combine some form of resistance training with some form of cardio. As for cardio do anything you enjoy whether that’s swimming or walking or running. But as for resistance training, you need to understand what resistance training is? 

Now resistance training is basically something way of giving your body and external force to work against. Now, this force can be a pair of dumbbells a barbell or even your own body weight. You give your muscles something to fight against and your body will respond by making your muscles grow by making your body put on more lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle mass you accumulate on your body the higher your metabolism gets and the higher your metabolism gets the easier it is for you to burn off fat.

So your goal through your life should be to put on a little bit of lean muscle mass even if you’re a girl and combine that with a little bit of cardio in order to burn fat in the best possible way. 

Now coming to the actual exercise regimes. I’ve divided all these regimes into a few levels starting with level 0 , that’s for people who keep the body entirely inactive

If you’re someone who doesn’t like any form of exercise, unfortunately, you need to know that that’s a very wrong way to live your life. Your body is meant to be slightly active. But either way for you guys the good news is that 80% of how you look boils down to your diet. So you might not get but you can look like you’re in good shape if you take care of your diet. And what are the rules of diets? Yes, I’m already spoken in detail about sugar and dieting in general. So if you want to know more check out the weight loss categories blog. But today’s blog isn’t about the diet side of things. It’s the exercise regimes and protocols you can follow at home so the solution for you is to find the caloric output in your daily life. If you want to burn off fat, your caloric output needs to be more than your caloric input. Your calories out need to be more than your calories in and you will burn off fat. 

So you keep trying to find opportunities to burn off calories so whether that’s taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or even if it’s just walking up to your workplace instead of taking cabs that’s what will make you lose weight in the long term. But if you have some time to invest you can go to level two and for level 2 you need to make a small investment in the form of dumbbells.

A lot of people don’t want to invest some money in a gym membership and for you, the best possible investment is a pair of dumbbells. I bought a pair of dumbbells in 2005 when I was 12 years old that’s 12 years back and I still use them till today. I invested about thousand 200 rupees in this pair of dumbbells so that is actively 100 rupees per year and that’s not that bad an investment to make from a fitness perspective. 

Also, a great solution if you are not someone who wants to go to the gym but if you’re someone who doesn’t have access to dumbbells so if you don’t want to invest that money in dumbbells, your next best option is your schoolbag. Why do I say that? because this just like a dumbbell is an external force. It’s something that your muscles can work against. Think this as a fake makeshift dumbbell and yes I am very serious about this. Now keep in mind that comes to dumbbells and resistance workout, these two forms of workout. One a regular dumbbell workout, with just a pair of numbers you can work almost any muscle in your body.

Now I am a fan of free body training, calisthenics training. But the truth of the matter is that if you’re someone who doesn’t want to leave your house for the workout, then you can’t do too much with just free body training, you can’t target all your muscle groups especially your arms and your back. They can’t be worked unless you’re using some kind of an external weight. And that’s why the second kind of workout that you can do at this level one is your free body plus cool bag workout. Now keep in mind I cannot get into the details of these workouts in today’s blog so think of today’s blog as an overview but the good news is that very soon I will be releasing my home workout blog for beginners. Where I will be teaching you everything from the basic form to detail workouts with how many reps you should be doing how many sets you should take up, fitness for the average working for the single doesn’t have time to go to the gym.

But super-fast let’s go over level one science you need to understand muscle groups firstly. You have five basic muscle groups your chest, your back, your legs, your core, and your arms. And you need to hit these muscles separately with different movements. So for chest, the best movement to be done at home is your pushup. If you have some kind of a bench setup then you can take some kind of oppressing movement but a push-up does the job.

As for the back, you want to do a bit of rows either with the dumbbell or with the schoolbag as I’ve told you. As for your legs you want to do your basic squats and your lunges. For your core you don’t need the equipment you can just do crunches, sit-ups and leg raises. And for your arms, unfortunately, you do need the dumbbells or the school bags. keep in mind in today’s blog I’m not going to get into the details of the form so if you are familiar with the form you can go and do all these exercises start your homework out straight away. 

Now keep in mind staying at level one is perfectly fine, if you don’t have any time or the financial ability to invest in a gym. But if you can afford the time even if it’s once a week and if you can afford a gym membership definitely consider buying one. Why do I say? because level two assuming only once a week. Some Gymmer might disagree with this protocol of going to the gym only once a week. Because we’ve been told all our lives that if you really want to make gains you need to spend a lot of time in the gym. But that isn’t entirely true. If you’re someone who works out if you stop your workouts abruptly your muscles will only start leaving your body two weeks into the process. After you’ve not given your body any external impulse to grow for three weeks. But if you’re someone who only has time to go to the gym once a week it can make a world of a difference to how they look. So even if you are going to the gym once a week I highly recommend you go and do a full-body workout in the gym and throughout the rest of the week for the other six days do a little bit of cardio.

Just this protocol can help you burn off fat and put on a little bit of muscle if you watch your diet as well. Remember there’s nothing like this protocol especially if you are trying to look great and burn off fat.

Now moving on to level 3 if you’re someone who only has time to go to the gym twice a week. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to this kind of regime. Firstly, keep those five muscle groups in mind so you want to work your chest, your back, your abs on one day and then take at least or sued a break and then work out your legs and your arms. Remember you need to take a slight break to give your body some sign to grow. Again if you want to follow this regime just do about three variations for each body part. In the future, I will be releasing a detailed written version of a workout plan. But the only thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that give your workouts a bit of a break and try working your entire body in just those two workouts. This kind of regime can give you a lot of benefits in terms of aesthetics if you watch over your diet obviously.

Remember by giving your body so many days of rest you’re growing optimally. But even better protocol if aesthetics is your goal is thrice a weak regime.

Level-4 Its called three workouts in a week. A lot of people while they’re working out in college it’s easy for them to go to the gym. But the moment they start this professional life it becomes a little bit harder. And for all you folks I’m in the same boat as you. Since I’ve begun my career it’s become a little harder for me to make time for the gym but just going for three-week training sessions in a week can make a huge difference to how you look. Obviously, on the other days, you do want to focus a little bit on your cardio and throughout the week you do want to focus on your diet but this is how you go about your workout in a rough manner.

Once again you start with chest shoulder triceps first you take a day’s break then you move on the back and biceps then you take a day’s break and you move on the legs and your core. This kind of regime is fantastic for someone in their 20s primarily because when you’re a teenager your body’s recovery is much faster. You don’t need that many rest days. But if you’re in your twenties especially of mid-20s you need those extra rest days. and that’s why something like a three-day regime will work fantastic for you putting on muscle mass and burning off fat.

So obviously I can’t get into the details of this regime but if you want to know more about the science of workouts and these regimes, in general, I highly recommend you go and check out our weight loss category.

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