Intermittent fasting for weight loss and benefits

Intermittent fasting for weight loss? Want to know the benefits and disadvantages of intermittent fasting? How to become a fat-burning machine? What if I told you that there is a scientifically proven way to improve your metabolism. Put on lean muscle very fast and burn off fat very rapidly compared to other human beings.

Today’s Blog is my must-read blog on the science of intermittent fasting. you want to know more? You know what’s coming let’s science shit out of it.

What’s good everybody today’s blog is going to be slightly longer because I’m going to go deep into the science of intermittent fasting. Primarily because I feel like this is a life-changing diet and every human being should be aware of these scientific concepts.

You know when you talk to slightly older young adults they tell you things like I can’t eat the same way I used to in college because now all the food just lands up in my hips or my stomach. As you get older your metabolism kind of goes downwards. So that prevents you from reaching your fitness goals easily. When you’re younger it’s much easier to be fit. But where does this ease come from?

The ease of being fit comes from your own body. Your own hormonal system. And that’s the key point when we are talking about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting affects your hormonal system. Intermittent fasting is is a diet that puts a lot of importance on your meal timings. knees diamonds the key NIF is that you want to create a fasting period where there is nothing going inside your body except for water and maybe a little bit of black coffee or green tea without any sugar. You create a 16 hour fasting period and then in the other 8 hours of the day you can eat what do you eat. Ideally, you have to eat healthy. I’ll get to that later because first, you got to understand the science.

The first and most important hormone we’re talking about is HGH i.e human growth hormone. Now human growth hormone is very high in young adults or people in their late teens. So guys grow till about 21 and girl grow till about 18 & till that age your HGH levels are very high. And that’s why in college we’ll see a lot of people eating a lot of junk and getting away with it.

So as you grow older your HGH will have this key dropping. Your job in Intermittent fasting is to increase the levels of HGH inside your body. And how do you increase the levels of HGH? You take up a fasting state. Now, here is what happens under normal circumstances for an adult.

HGH is secreted in your bloodstream at night while you’re sleeping. Every time you have a meal it suppresses the release of HGH inside your body. But now take a look at this ground this is a graph that represents an HGH profile of an individual who’s taken up the intermittent diet. This happens primarily because you’re cooling your body in the thinking that it can potentially go into starvation. Now starvation is a dangerous situation and it’s defined as a time period of four days without any food at all. Now the way your body is built even if you don’t consume any food up to four days it won’t burn off any of its own muscle mass. But what will happen is that your body will change its hormone profile to adjust itself to the possibility of starvation. So when you pass for those 16 hours it’s kind of a shock for your body, your body thinks okay where’s the food? So I might as well increase my HGH levels in order to cope up with this lack of food.

Now the question is what does HGH actually do? So in those young adults, it helps a lot in muscle recovery it obviously helps in the growth of your muscles and your bones it makes you taller. But in adults who hits their height potential people over the age of 21. Basically, it helps in your muscle recovery. Primarily it helps in repair from your daily activities and most importantly it helps in fact mobilization.

Now, what’s fat mobilization? Fat mobilization is basically your body’s way of burning of fat to be used as fuel for your daily activities. If you have a higher level of growth hormone in your body, one is much easier to put on muscle mass and two it’s much easier to burn off fat. Also, two key points to be noted about HGH are 

1. HGH acts as a protein Sparrow. what does this mean? this means that HGH signals your body that if there’s a lack of food preserve as much muscle as you can and below as much fat as you can. The more easy it is in your body the better your body can burn off fat and save muscle is a protein Sparrow.

2. Some studies have shown that the longer you fast the more the HGH is released in your body. Now Intermittent fasting happens even after or 12-hour fast. But ideally what we recommend is a 16 hour fast with eight hours of eating. The longer you fast the more the growth hormone release and some studies have shown that after a 36-hour fast some subjects showed up a thousand two hundred and fifty percent increase in their HGH levels. That’s insanely crazy and most importantly it doesn’t harm your health. Your growth hormone is the most important hormone when we’re talking about intermittent fasting and I can go on about it all day.

But the other hormone that involved in Intermittent fasting is insulin. Now Intermittent fasting doesn’t change the levels of insulin secreted in your body. But it changes something called your insulin sensitivity. In today’s blog I’m gonna explain it’s very fast but if you want to know more about it, read the blog I made on bulking and cutting.

Now insulin along with growth hormone is that anabolic hormone. It helps with increasing your muscle mass and it also helps in burning your fat. It basically causing these changes in your overall fitness level.

Now let’s explain insulin sensitivity using an example. Person A is more insulin sensitive and person B is less insulin sensitive. So suppose person A wants to put on 10 grams of muscle, he’ll need 10 ml of insulin to make that change in his body. But if person B wants to put on 10 grams of muscle he’ll need 20 ml of insulin to make that change in his body. He needs more insulin to create that same amount of change. That’s called being less insulin sensitive.

Basically, your body works more efficiently if you’re more insulin sensitivty if you’re more like person A. and obviously Intermittent fasting makes you more insulin sensitive. Younger people more insulin sensitivity the older you grow the lesser your insulin sensitivity gets. But you can improve your insulin sensitivity and make your body a fat-burning machine if you take up the Intermittent fasting diet. 

Both HGH and insulin together help with your nutrient repartitioning. What does this mean? It makes your body more efficient. It makes your body use the food you’re eating more to put on muscle mass than to be deposited as fat. It makes your body a little bit superhuman together. But there’s a third group of hormones involved in the Intermittent fasting diet. We’re talking about adrenaline and noradrenaline, Your fight-or-flight hormones. If a dog attacks you four dogs running after you, your body’s automatic response is to release a lot of these hormones. What do these almost do to your body? They make it ready to face a difficult situation where your force to fight or run away. How does it do this?

Firstly obviously increasing your metabolism significantly but secondly and more interestingly it makes you very alert. It’s kind of like giving your body a short of caffeine or natural pre-workout. You’re always a little bit charged with whether levels of these hormones are slightly higher in your body.


Intermittent fasting very interestingly improves the level of these hormones in your body up to a point where still healthy but you’re also alert at the same time. It improves how well your body builds muscle mass, it improves how fast your body burns off fat, it improves your nutrients V partitioning, which means how well your body uses FOOD. It improves your body composition which means how sexy you look in the mirror. Your fat percent becomes lower. It improves your reflexes and how good you feel because of the adrenaline and noradrenaline. And the sixth and final point is that in the long term Intermittent fasting has been shown to have a lot of health benefits including even finding use in the treatment of cancer. I’m going to link all those studies down below. 


But it’s also important to talk about the disadvantages of Intermittent fasting. There are two main disadvantages of Intermittent fasting. Firstly it’s a little bit difficult to get used to. It takes people a day or two to get used to this new form of eating. On your first and second day of Intermittent fasting, you might feel very low on energy in those last two-three hours of your fast. But from the third and fourth days, you seem absolutely normal and your fast is very very easy to execute.

The second disadvantage is that it affects your social life a little bit. Remember you have to create a 16 hour fasting period. So most people what they do is they have the last meal at 10:00 p.m. at night and that first meal at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon. So in those 16 hours, you can’t eat anything. So say goodbye to all those breakfast dates say goodbye to all those late-night dates and late-night drinking sessions. It will affect your social life a little bit. Unless you kind of develop a system for yourself. What some people do is that it change the duration for which they fast. So sometimes they fast like 21 hours and eat for 3 hours. sometimes they just fast for 12 hours and eat for the remaining 12 hours things like that. You have to figure out your own system if you want to protect your social life. But you can absolutely do Intermittent fasting in the long term.

Now here’s the thing all our lives we’ve been told by our parents that breakfast is very healthy for you and it’s important for your overall energy levels. Which is correct, but that’s what they’ve been told growing up they are looking out for our best interests and as parents all told us not to skip breakfast. But what people don’t tell our parents is that Fitness science continuously evolves and the keep learning a little bit more about all these new concepts. So if you take up Intermittent fasting obviously a parent of an avid issue with you fasting but science says that this is a healthy practice. It’s all about education, you need to educate yourself and your parents about this practice. 

 What should you eat?

If you want to burn off fat. Rule number one, if you want to burn off fat is that you need to stay in a calorie deficit. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to maintain its own body weight. And if you eat food such that your overall calories for the day are still below that maintenance calorie level, that’s when you burn off fat. So even if you do an intermittent fasting diet whichever you think as many calories as your maintenance or they’re going overboard with your calories you’re not gonna burn off your fat. Your body only burns off your fat then there’s a lack of food and create that with calorie deficit.

Now in a normal diet, you want to create a very small caloric deficit but in Intermittent fasting for weight loss, you can actually get away with creating a slightly larger caloric deficit without the fear of losing your muscle mass because of all those hormones that I spoke about initially.

so what do you eat? Now, this is a standard intermittent fasting diet. In your fast all you can consume is water and you should be consuming a lot, black coffee without any sugar, black tea without any sugar green tea without any sugar. But coffee and tea, try avoiding them if you can they’re not the best from a health perspective in my opinion. Now eventually I will be releasing a detail Intermittent fasting for weight loss meal plan to help you burn off fat. But today let’s just talk about it super quickly but how much protein, fat, and carbs.

Protein everyone got their own protein requirements which are unique to every individual. If you want to calculate your own I will write a detailed blog on how to calculate your own protein requirements. so you’re supposed to hit that minimum level of protein that is spoken about in that blog, which for most people lies between 70 to 100 grams of protein which isn’t that hard to achieve. You have three meals in your Intermittent fasting for weight loss 8-hour window. So try sitting and protein in each of those needs.

Secondly, let’s talk about fat. you want to keep your fat not too high but you don’t want to cut it off completely as well. Remember, in 3 meals it is difficult to reach near your maintenance calorie levels and including good fats like egg yolks and nuts are a great way to come closer to that maintain as calorie level. 

And thirdly, we talking about carbohydrates. Once again go for healthier more filling carbohydrate options instead of simple carbs like white rice, white bread and dirty things like that. Go for complex carbohydrates, oats, wheat brown rice, sweet potato. That’s the direction you want to go in.

And finally, when we are talking about Intermittent fasting for weight loss diets, we have to talk about getting your nutrition in. Make sure you eat a lot of veggies and a good way of going about your diet is breaking your past with a little bit of fruit. That’s a great time for your body to utilize all that fruit sugar. Now if you’re someone who follows a keto diet or a Paleo diet or iifym, you can absolutely follow those same diets along with intermittent fasting. It won’t make any difference to those diets and in fact, it will help you burn off fat much faster. But the only goal is that you stay in a caloric deficit.

Remember, in the long term Intermittent fasting for weight loss doesn’t affect your workouts badly. It helps in your workouts in fact and at the end of the day you are burning fact much faster and putting on muscle mass much faster. This is a modern-day hack that every single human being should embrace.

Hey guys if you liked today’s blog about Intermittent fasting for weight loss and its benefits, make sure to comment down below. Remember it’s just a single word for you but for us, each of those helps grow our blog. It also helps me understand that you are liking my content and that you support my course to educate the world about the correct fitness style. If you wanna learn more about weight loss and how to burn fat makes you check on the weight loss guidance category. And if you’re a new reader make sure you subscribe to the newsletter. There’s a lot more science coming your way I will see you next time. There is more coming on Intermittent fasting for weight loss.

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