How to talk to girls (College Time)? Effective way.

So you want to know how to talk to girls in your college or school? Do you want to talk to this college cutie? you want to attract any high school girl? I mean sure she’s pretty funny and fine but you want to impress her and want her to make a part of your life? so, let’s talk about how to talk to girls.

Well, then there are a few things you must listen to and understand because men and women aren’t the same, unlike the usual chat. You see if you impressing the college sweetheart is of your utmost importance well then look no further I think no more your boy got this short.

Okay, approaching attracting and dating a total random stranger is one equation but doing the same with someone from high school or college or even gym for that matter it’s a completely different equation. Because you see we are like light bulbs we are always on. If we see someone cute someone hot someone pretty someone attractive then we don’t need more than fifteen seconds to decide that okay she could be a potential mate.

But women are a completely different engine altogether. You should know the art of how to talk to girls. You see, it’s the fuel it needs the priming, it needs the throttle acceleration and then eventually it should end up being wild and crazy. But there is a process to things and there is a structure of the skills. If you are meeting a stranger somewhere outside your college gym or any place like that then sure chances are you may have to risk a few things to get to know her attractor and be with her. But if you are in college if you are in school if you are in a gym already fear at any public social gathering then things are a whole lot different and trust me it’s this difference and it’s this game that makes this process so much more exciting so much more fun.

You see when you and you’re supposed it crush are in the same chords are in the same school then the whole notion of you speeding up the process is null and void. Time and patience are two of your greatest Elijah who use them in your favor all the time. Pace things right slow it down and let the fire simmer in. It’ll just make it so much more fun and altogether very exciting.

But how do you play the sport and how do you get better at it in your school and college is the question you ask.


You see, this step is very important than your killer approaching lines or your six-pack abs. And this will give you a clue about how should you initiate how to talk to girls?

Build your god damn social value and build god damn social presence.
What do I mean by social value or social presence? Are you a well-known kid in your school? Are you a well-known kid in your college? Are you a well-known young man in your section your division or at least in your department?

And are you well-known for all the right reasons, for example, oh my god Ryan is a school captain, oh my god James is the sports captain, oh my god John is such a great dancer, oh my god Oliver is such a great singer so on and so forth. You really have some sort of social value some sort of high value that makes you a big different than the other average one.

Are you famous or at least are you well-known in the crowd? Because in case you aren’t I want you to start working on it right now. Because this then this only stops gentlemen can change your dating life can change their social life can change your entire college and school life to a whole new level.

If you actually get to become a fun, exciting, impressive, responsible and just a friendly guy then the leadership you will gain and the value you will get will expose your dating life to a whole new level. This won’t happen overnight, this won’t happen in two days, that will take some time and I want you to be a part of this process. I want you to keep working on it. I want you to keep working on building the social value of your own social presence.


Now comes the second phase of this. The most fun phase of this blog, approach and attract. Okay, so you have this massive crush on this super cute lady and everyone in your college everyone in your school or your section knows about it knows about you having this crazy crush and you are freaking out. Now I do not want you to freak out anymore I do not want you to get nervous anxious or sad anymore.

You see it’s actually good that everyone knows about your apparent crush or apparent liking but you don’t have to use it either in your advantage or in your disadvantage to not make things go in your favor anymore. You see, if you are confused if you are scared if you are anxious I want you to keep these few things in mind all the time from now on. See you are getting anxious you are getting scared because you are just complicating things made to further you are thinking things in future and you are expecting a whole lot more from this cute little interaction. I do not want you to pressurize your own self, I do not judge yourself. calm down relax and let’s break things down let’s make it simple and easy to understand.

Step 1 stop thinking, step number 2 stop wasting any time, step number 3 stop making yourself more anxious and step number 4 calm down breathe out count to 3 seconds 1 2 3 get up and go. Go and talk take the very first step of interaction to make the approach happen.

What do I exactly mean by the talk? What do I exactly need you to talk about.
Well, use your common sense a bit more in the moment. Say something relatable, say something interesting, say something funny, something organic, something very natural. I do not want you to use in pickup lines I obviously don’t want you to let her know that you love her so much. Something very casual something very normal yet fun at the same time. You can do things like compliment her academics complement her studies, her singing or any other recent achievements that she just had in the recent five or ten minutes of time. Or if you are in college if you don’t really have any uniform, you can complement her bag, you can complement a style,e you can compliment a sense of humor or her Batman t-shirt or anything similar to that.

See, the goal here isn’t to let her know your undying love for her, the goal here gentlemen is to plan the very first seed in the process. Now, what is this first seed? Well, your existence, your approach, and your company. yes, that’s it that’s the end of it. If things go well you can take her number or you can take an Instagram but I wouldn’t want you to push her Instagram on a number the very first time you meet her. I would rather want you to slow things down and save it for the second or third time you see her. Not for the very first time because you just don’t want to be creepy you don’t want to be desperate about anything.

So pace yourself, calm yourself down and play the long run. Walk-in, open up, approach, compliment and get up. And that’s how to talk to girls and impress her.

Your next important step is to introduce and move on. Be in the moment, use some common sense but I don’t want you to stand there and chitchat and miss their time. I just want you to get out as soon as you can. How do you do that well you give her a courteous bye you can give her a courteous farewell and you save it for the next time.

And that’s it, that’s how you open, your approached, you were funny, you were attractive, you complimented. You were not creepy, you were not desperate, you were not there to waste any time because you know you are a smart man and you want to pace yourself for the next time.

Trust me if you do this thing right, trust me if you pace yourself right this process is going to be so much exciting and fun in no time. By now she knows that you’re not a creepy or not a desperate clingy guy but now she knows that you are a genuine, cool, fun, exciting guy by now. She has a few things working in herself by now her female brain is working magic otherwise.

And gentlemen just like that you are in-game without a nature try. Now from here, it’s for you to screw but I do not want you to put screw up so I’ll just tell you one more thing.

The next time you see her you can probably ask her Instagram or you can get a number. You can try being the cool, casual guy that you are you can try being the funny guy that you are you can tease her a bit, you can show a bit more about your personality by taking a few things here and there. show her their actual true self-worth without being cocky and self-centered, show her how generous you a man without being narcissistic or creepy in general.

And it will be enough, it will be plenty for any woman to be attracted. Do not forget to tease, don’t forget to be fun, do not forget to continue expressing your personality. Because by this time if she is single and if she is looking for a companion she will have some kind of an interest generating for you and for this moment you can ask her out for a night date. A date could be anything as simple as you working out together in the gym, you’re going out for a walk on a track or even eating a doughnut and walking your dog. I mean sure movies, dinners and cafes are very generic and very amazing places to take someone out to but they are generic everyone else does that every other guy does that. how are you different from every other guy? By doing the simple regular but the very unusual things like a drive, a dog walk, a workout or a run in general.

Now I think there is no need for searching for how to talk to girls. If how to talk to girls still requires then read our related blog.

It’s easy, cheap and works all the time. rest is history that is where the mystery.

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