How to grow taller? 5 effective tips

So want to know how to grow taller? what to do to grow taller? What’s the secret? I think I’ve probably had about a thousand messages and comments in total to write a blog on this topic. So without further let’s begin.

Now it’s thought that genetics account for 80% of our final height but there is something called environmental factors which account for about 20% of our final height and that’s what we’re going to discuss today.

So puberty is when we typically begin our growth, but we all grow at different pace. Now once we go past puberty we generally stop growing. So if you are reading this blog and you are in your adolescence that’s fantastic because this blog should help you maximize your potential growth. However, if you’re not in your adolescence then please continue reading this blog because there are tips in this blog that can help make improvements at any age. Here are my five tips on how to grow taller.


Ok so tip one, avoid stunting your natural growth and the big players in this are caffeine and smoking. So the way that caffeine does this is by affecting your sleep. Because sleep is vital for you to grow to your maximum potential and I’m going to discuss sleep a bit further on.

Now research has shown that smoking and even second-hand smoke actually reduce height in children. So if you do smoke please quit or if you do have any family or friends that smoke please help them quit and also ask them not to smoke around you, ask them to smoke outside so you’re not getting that secondhand smoke. I’ll leave more information on quitting and about secondhand smoke in an upcoming blog for you.

Tip 2

Now moves on to tip number two. Now to help you grow the tallest possible you need to be eating a healthy balanced diet so you need to be eating proteins, you need to be eating fruit, you need to be eating veg.

I know it sounds like a grandma talking but it’s true your body needs these minerals, so you can grow the tallest possible. Now I’ll also leave a really useful link in the description below all about healthy balanced diets it’s by the NHS and I’d highly recommend everyone to read it.

Tip 3

Tip number three, get enough sleep. Most of our growth actually happens when we’re sleeping and that’s when our body releases the most amount of growth hormone. Now if you’re not sleeping enough it’s actually hurting the amount of growth hormone that your body releases. So you’re actually not helping yourself grow to your full potential.

Now you’re probably thinking well how would sleep should I get? What’s a healthy amount? Well, it all depends on your age and how many hours you get. so what I will do is I’ll leave more information in the description below for you feel free to check it out and if you’re struggling to fall asleep I will write an article about this you just have to leave a comment.


Tip number four is all about exercise. Now when we do exercise it boosts our hormones it boosts our growth hormones it makes the processes foods differently and it contributes to muscle growth. Now all of this can affect our physical appearance including height.

Now if you’re 5 to 18 years of age you need to be aiming for 60 minutes of exercise every single day. So what you need to do is put those phones away and exercise. But first, read this entire video, get all the tips and then put your phone away and go and exercise. I’ll also leave a really useful link in the description below which has got all the different age groups and how much exercise you should be doing.

Tip 5

Tip number five, many people actually lose height without even knowing it. Think about this, you’re reading this video right now. You’re either sat or standing but how you sat? how are you standing? what’s you’re posture like?
So tip number five is all to do with posture. now think about this example for a second. You’ve come to the doctor’s office you’ve come to the nurse and you’ve been asked to take your height. now you probably don’t stand slouched. do you? when you’re getting your height? so what you need to do is to make a good posture, your natural stance. I’ll leave a link in the description below it’s an NHS article on how to maintain good posture and I guarantee you if you do it properly it will make a massive difference and you will find the answer of how to grow taller.

Now some of the messages that I received to make a blog on the topic had been a little upsetting to read so I just want to say please don’t compare yourselves to others. I don’t think I’ve ever personally thought about someone’s height when I meet them. I focus on people’s qualities and you should do that too, focus on your great qualities, don’t think about it, don’t let it get to you and always remember that you’re awesome.

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